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Coming Home to You (A True North Hero #3)
Coming Home to You
(A True North Hero #3)
By M. K. Stelmack
Contemporary Romance
Paperback, 384 pages
October 2, 2018 by Harlequin Heartwarming

She wants a temporary fake romance

Can he make it real...and forever?

Driving across the country in an RV with her terminally ill godmother was not Daphne Merlotte's idea. Nor was crashing the RV into a small-town coffee shop, nearly hitting local good guy Mel Greene. Now Daphne will do anything to keep her godmother from continuing the trip--even asking Mel to be her fake boyfriend. But there's nothing fake about Mel's intentions--he wants a real romance!

(A romantic breakup has Mel seeking advice from Daphne, a sympathetic stranger, on the best way to land a perfect woman.)

[Mel] hitched himself higher up in his seat. “I guess I’m wondering how to go about making a woman feel that she matters when...” He needed to proceed carefully. He’d already said plenty to Daphne that had come out wrong. “When showing how much she matters might scare her off, too.” 
“Why would a woman be scared off by hearing how much she was loved?” 
Well, now. He gunned the truck to merge onto the highway, ahead of a fast-approaching red sports car, which immediately switched lanes and started coming up on his left. “I guess she might feel she has to give back the same amount, and I wouldn’t expect her to.”
 “In other words, you’d settle.” 
“No. I—Well, I guess.” 
“Would you settle because you think no one can love you better than you can love them?” 
Mel slowed for the turnoff to Spirit Lake, an exit he’d made a thousand times and never while having such a conversation. “No. Not at all. I have requirements.” He realized that expecting them not to be drunks or druggies might prove Daphne’s point, so he hurried on. “I don’t believe I’m better at loving.” 
“But you may deliberately put yourself in situations where you will be because you secretly don’t think the women will love you.”
 He took the reprieve of a stoplight to consider her words. “I suppose there have been...situations that might’ve made me feel that I gave more love than I got. But it’s not as if I prevented any of the women from proving they could love better than me. So why would they assume I was settling?”
Daphne feathered her fingers across the colored sticky notes sprouting from the top of her book. “Austen is often critical of how pride can impede or delay happiness. Both for men and women. I’m writing a book about how economics mold sensibilities in the Austen novels. I plan to devote a chapter to pride.” 
Writing a book about books. The last thing Mel had read were parts of the provincial safety codes, years back. The red light switched to green and Mel released the brake. “I still don’t think it’s pride.”
“The lack of it, then?” 
Lack he could relate to. “Maybe so. What would you suggest I do?”
 “Do you want to reconcile with your girlfriend?” Mel thought about the set to Linda’s jaw when she’d said she refused to settle. 
“That ship has sailed.” “Well, then,” Daphne said and slipped her book into her purse. “I suppose you will have to wait for a woman who won’t be afraid of all the love you can give her, and you will have to prepare yourself for getting topped up yourself.”
 “Huh. You don’t know of anybody like that, do you?” 

She wrapped her arms loosely about her giant purse. “Mel, I said you have to wait for her.”

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About the Author

M. K. Stelmack writes contemporary romances set in Spirit Lake which is closely based on the small town in Alberta, Canada, where she lives with pets who outnumber the humans three to one, and where dust bunnies run unchecked. She aims to tell stories that don’t shy away from the tough questions but still leave readers feeling uplifted. She is the author of two previous Harlequin Heartwarming titles, A Roof Over Their Heads and Building a Family. She loves hearing from readers. Find her at her website or on Facebook

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