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Scarred Beauty
(A Wylder Tale, #2)
by Jennifer Silverwood
YA Dark Fantasy
ebook, 209 Pages
December 1st 2016

Vynasha has become prisoner with the other wyld beasts of the castle, but she is not alone. In the howling darkness her majikal bond with the Dungeon Master, Grendall grows, awakening the dormant power in her blood.

Yet as she discovers the true nature of the other beasts, she learns she must embrace madness in order to free them all. Vynasha is willing to do anything to end the curse, even if that means transforming into a monster.

Burried secrets come to light in this seductive sequel to Craving Beauty, the Gothic retelling of the classic fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast, where nothing is exactly as it seems and the heroine must be her own hero.

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(Author’s Note: Vynasha finds herself imprisoned in the dungeons of the Prince’s castle, but she is not alone…) 

Her life had been forfeit the hour the Prince locked her in the dungeon like one of his beasts. Being enclosed in near-absolute darkness made the hours crawl past and Vynasha’s mind was beginning to betray her. Had it only been a few hours since he’d left her alone with nothing but the echoing howls of her fellow beastly prisoners for company? 
“You were our last hope,” he had told her, “and now I am left to this ruin, to watch it stone by stone fall into decay and dust…”
While the other beasts in this dank prison howled, she watched the way her inner violet light glowed beneath her skin. Scant incandescence, not enough to breach the black surrounding her. The inner light she had ignored all her life shone dimly now the longer she contemplated the Prince’s last words to her. 
“A pity you could not love a beast…”
No matter whether the Prince truly loved her, he was right. They could have made an alliance, she supposed. But love had never been her reason for coming here. Her nephew, Wyll, was the sole purpose for which she’d foolishly risked everything to come to these forbidden mountains, denied a prince and determined to escape. For a moment she found herself retracing her steps, trying to grasp hold of something real other than the play of light beneath her skin. 
In her mind she could clearly see the scars covering half of Wyll’s sweet face, the brightness in his blue eyes as she’d passed him off to Wolfsbane and his daughter Resha for safekeeping. The journey she’d made into the castle would have been too dangerous for her to carry him along. So she’d braved the terror of the unnatural wolves as they gave chase up to the castle gates. She could still see the giant doors and remembered her crippling loss of hope upon entering. Her skin still prickled at the memory of that first awful night, when the beast appeared, snarling and clawing after her flesh. It was impossible to fathom how much her perception of her beast and the castle’s mysterious inhabitants would change in one season. They had unwittingly influenced her, especially the Prince with his boundless knowledge of places and things she only dreamed of.
Would it have been so terrible to love him?
“Vynasha…” The wind whispered her name. 
She turned her head, seeking the source in vain. Thinking the ghosts of the castle had found their way to the lower levels, she stood eagerly to listen. “Where are you?” she begged. 
“Over here, Ashes,” the voice replied. 
“Grendall?” Vynasha’s hand flew to her mouth to cover her hysterical sobs. “I thought I was alone,” she said through a rush of tears. Relief and joy filled her, building the intensity of her light so her bleak surroundings brightened.
“I am in the cell next to yours. Come toward my voice. Some of the stone is looser here.” 
“Where?” She jumped as the rocks to her right shifted and spilled out onto the floor. She tripped as she tried to rush over to the dim blue light peeking its way through the lower portion of the wall. She crawled the rest of the way, bending low to the ground until she could peer through the hole Grendall had made.
“I see you!” she exclaimed, happier than she had expected to be. “Oh, Grendall, I’m so glad you’re here. I was beginning to think I’d never see you again.” Elation filled her upon seeing his familiar glow. She pushed her hand into the hole until her violet light clashed and blended with his. 
“I cannot reach you,” he grumbled weakly. 
“Wait, let me try,” she said and, leaning down, barely grazed the tip of her middle finger to one of his. 
He sighed at the contact. “Thank you.” 
“For what?” she dared to ask. Her emotions were so uneven, so mad, she did not trust her voice not to betray her. 
“For coming back with me,” he replied. “After what you saw, I did not believe you would. But I could sense your panic when the wolves came. I could not abandon you to them.”
Vynasha shut her eyes and pressed her cheek to the chilled stone. “I’m glad you came for me,” she confessed and then after a pause added, “Better the beast you know…” She smiled ruefully but then grimaced at the sobering thought. Had Grendall heard everything the Prince said?
Grendall shifted against the rocks and his voice hushed to a whisper. “I should have told you from the beginning who I was. When you first arrived in the castle, I was stalking the halls, making sure none of the prisoners escaped. Your scent drove me senseless, I confess.”
“You might need someone to look into the locks on these dungeons,” she offered, choosing levity over the way his words made her stomach flutter. 
He barked a low laugh and brushed his finger against hers. “That would be the curse. When the king ruled this city, majik was strong and used with just about everything, including this prison. The curse has weakened the wards placed here…”
We could escape, together, she thought and edged even closer. “Grendall, how bad are your injuries?”
He laughed again, mirthlessly. “Rrolthoz did not go down without ripping my chest to shreds. After I culled him all I could think of was you. Those bloody wolves might have finished me if it were not for you.”
“What do you mean?” 
“My time as the beast is different, measured by base instinct rather than conscious thought. Our blood bond kept me aware enough to remember the reason I was there. I had to make sure you made it safely out. The wolves would have taken you if I hadn’t found you.” 
“Wait, you said blood bond?” She stared at her violet skin and recalled in quick flashes the moment he’d healed cuts inflicted by black thorns. And then more recently, she’d healed his wounds nearly without effort, a joining of her blood with his. Dread filled her like a weight in the pit of her stomach.

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Craving Beauty
(A Wylder Tale, #1)
by Jennifer Silverwood
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Vynasha has spent the last four years tending her mother's roses and looking after her nephew. The fire that killed their family has left her scarred and put Wyll on the brink of death. Soon the first frost will come down from the mountains and she knows this winter will be his last.

Until a strange beggar appears on the road, telling her of the majikal Source that can heal her Wyll. With nothing left to lose, Vynasha braves the forbidden Wylder Mountains to seek out a cure and her fate.

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(A Wylder Tale Novella)
by Jennifer Silverwood
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Wolfsbane and his daughter Resha are on a never ending quest in the Wylder Mountains, to wipe out the wolves who destroyed their village. Before their enemies stole everything she loved, Resha cared for little beyond learning how to be a hunter. After, she learned a hunter must be prepared to fight as well as flee. Now she cares for nothing but revenge.

Until she discovers two majikal humans half frozen in the forest. Resha has a choice, to follow her instincts and leave the strangers to the wolves, or save them. Yet the enemy is on the prowl and there is little time for Wolfsbane's daughter to find safe haven before they are discovered.

Jennifer Silverwood was raised deep in the heart of Texas and has been spinning yarns a mile high since childhood. In her spare time she reads and writes and tries to sustain her wanderlust, whether it’s the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, the highlands of Ecuador or a road trip to the next town. Always on the lookout for her next adventure, in print or reality, she dreams of one day proving to the masses that everything really is better in Texas. She is the author of the Heaven’s Edge series, Stay and Silver Hollow.

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