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A Love Unexpected
(Under Kansas Skies #1)
By Leah Brunner
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 224 Pages
May 21, 2021 by Leah Brunner Publishing

My one and only goal has always been to make it to congress. I’ve got it all: the looks, the brains, the connections… Except I missed one glaring requirement: a wife.

The conservative voters of Kansas don’t trust an unmarried man. Which means I need a bride. Immediately.

The lovely Odette Hastings seems to fit the bill. She’s a wholesome small-town girl, and most importantly, in need of cash. I’ll give her the money to take care of her elderly parents, and she’ll be the political arm candy I need.

The only problem is Odette is a little too beautiful, a little too intelligent, and much too distracting. I have to keep my eye on the prize. Even when I’m starting to think there might be something I’d rather have more…

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“So, a few days ago, David and I met for dinner and we saw Mom at the same restaurant, eating with Mrs. Hastings. Well, Odette stopped in to pick up her mom and whoa.” Brooks says dramatically, eyes opened wide.
David nods in agreement and looks at me like I should know what they’re talking about.
“Whoa what?” I ask in irritation.
“Whoa, meaning she looks a lot different than she did in high school. She’s kind of a babe now.” David laces his fingers together in front of him and smirks.
I chuckle. “We can’t possibly be thinking of the same person. The girl on my debate team wasn’t very attractive, from what I can remember.”
Brooks scoffs. “I’m not old like you two, so I never saw her in high school, but the woman we saw was gorgeous.”
“What is the point of this conversation, anyway?” I ask with one eyebrow raised. 
Brooks throws his head back in exasperation. “She could be the perfect wife for you! Keep up.”
With my face void of expression and my tone dripping with sarcasm, I respond slowly, “Really? And she’s willing to sign away the next two years of her life just to help me win my campaign? Come on.” 

Excerpted from A Love Unexpected by Leah Brunner, Copyright © 2021 by Leah Brunner. Published by Leah Brunner Publishing.
About the Author

Leah writes romance full of witty banter and lovable characters. She spends most of her time writing... and also petting her Maine Coon. 

Although she's a Kansas girl at heart, Leah is a proud Air Force spouse and currently resides in Northern California with her husband and three children. 
Her parents always told her she lived in her own little world and was oblivious to reality. The real world was simply too boring for Leah, writing is how she enjoys sharing her little world with others.

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