Sunday, July 9, 2017

*~Review: Water's Mark: Cancer by Rachael Slate~*

Title: Water's Mark: Cancer
Series: Zodiac Shifters #15
Lords of Krete #1
Author: Rachael Slate
Release Date: June 27, 2017


5 Stars

This is start of a new series and I'm already in love with it! of course I love anything Rachael writes. This book had me right from the beginning and I hardly could put it down. Rachael just has magic when she weaves her stories. I loved Cyane because she has a big heart, but she is fierce and can kick some butt. I can say this is the first time I've read a book with a crab shifter. This will suck you right in and leave you anticipating the net book. 


She's as fluid as water.
Cyane of the Pegaeae, spring nymphs, can cure any disease. Imprisoned for her powers not once, but twice, she's desperate to reclaim her freedom. But that means escaping her second captor, the formidable Lord of a race of crab shifters, who has no intention of letting her go. Not until she's saved every last one of his people--a task that will end in her own death.

He's as rigid as stone.
Theron, leader of the Karkinos, has vowed to save his people from a brutal disease, no matter the cost. So when a scintillating nymph with the power to heal them all falls into his lap, he'll do whatever it takes to keep her within his grasp--and far from his heart. Betrayed by those he trusted most, Theron's hardened his shell so much, no one can penetrate his armor. Not even Cyane, though that doesn't stop her from trying, and demanding the one thing he's sworn he'll never give to anyone again--his trust.

If she can't crack through his shell, both of their worlds will perish
Cyane can heal the Karkinos people of their disease, but the cure for Theron demands something even her powers might not be strong enough to give. If they can't stand together and fight the darkness claiming him from the inside out, it will consume not only his people, but hers as well.

The Lords of Krete series (a spin-off of the Halcyon Romance series)
Five interwoven tales of allurement, redemption, and devotion where powerful, steadfast males and bold, spirited females battle the elements within themselves to prove that true love stays the course and conquers all.


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