Monday, June 26, 2017

*~Summer Countdown Blitz Day 7~*

Liz McCraine is an outdoor enthusiast, military spouse, and mother. She loves to ride horses and go hiking with her family. When she isn't writing or corralling children, Liz enjoys relaxing with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. Her motto is: If it doesn't have a happy ending, I don't want to read it.

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The mischievous Princess Jules of Aggadorn has been pampered and protected her entire life. More than anything, she longs to experience challenges and adventure. But with her mother’s threat to marry her off hanging over her head, Jules fears she will never have the chance. All that changes when she’s kidnapped by pirates.

Forced to labor for her passage aboard Captain Jaymes’ vessel, Jules learns more about life than she bargained for. Captain Jaymes doesn’t fit Jules’ idea of a thieving buccaneer. Beneath his rough exterior lies a man of honor desperate to save his people from a murderous sorcerer. Jules never expects to fall in love with the handsome young captain or to involve herself in the pirates’ plight, much less have the power to save an entire kingdom.

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“Everyone get out.”
The words were a choked whisper, but ominous enough that men flew quickly from the cabin like birds before a storm.
“I know you’re upset,” Jules rushed to say as they escaped, hoping to distract Jaymes long enough for him to cool down before he erupted. “But—”
But nothing!”
Too late, Jules realized, as he grabbed her by the shoulders and lifted her into the air. One blue eye blazed a hairsbreadth from her own.
“But nothing, Jules,” he yelled, giving her a shake as if she were a dusty rug. “Your father and I specifically forbade you to come. But nothing!
She cringed away from the force of the tempest. It was even worse than she’d imagined. He was out of control—his voice raised, his brows lowered, his jaw clenched with the brutal force of his emotions.
So she said the only thing she could think of, the only thing that made sense in this whole mess she had willingly caused. The one thing he’d never expect her to say.

“I love you.”

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