Monday, May 29, 2017

*~Review: Third by Robin Covington~*

Title: Third
Series: DC After Dark  #1
Author: Robin Covington
Release Date: May 15, 2017


4 Stars
I gobbled this book right up. I will say if you don't like your books with spice this is probably not a book for you. A murder case brings Aiden and Carla together, but their attraction keeps bringing them back. I really liked both characters. What I liked about Robin's writing is she tastefully writes Carla's kink. She gives utmost respect to Carla and if other characters in the book can't see it may just be their loss. Aiden struggles with Carla's kink and there is a good reason, but can he love Carla just the way she is? I liked that Aiden and Carla are baseball fans. Can I say I'm completely jealous of Aiden having an apartment right above the Nationals' stadium. I would kill to have a view of any baseball stadium from my balcony. This book gave me heat, suspense, and heart. It's a great mix that sucks you right in. 


Dr. Carla Androghetti is not interested in compromise. 

With a thriving psychiatry practice in Washington, D.C. and a fulfilling position as a sexual third in a threesome with couples at Club D, she's living just the way she wants. When the murder of a famous former bedmate brings a sexy, tempting cop into her life, she indulges in an affair as sizzling as it is dangerous. Finding a man who can love her and accept her kink is a dream she’d given up a long time ago.

Homicide Detective Aiden Cross takes no prisoners.

Usually nothing can distract him from a case, but a sexy shrink with an unusual kink has him losing his laser-focus on the job. He’s been burned before by a cheating ex-wife and he doesn’t share, so why does he keep finding himself in the bed of a woman who breaks all his rules?

Passion will force them to take a risk.

When forbidden desire takes them to the edge of their personal limits, their walls will need to crumble if they have any chance together. 

**Warning: This book features a heroine with a sexy kink. She's not broken, or damages, or waiting for the right guy to "fix" her. She's fine the way she is but if the guy who can love all of her comes along . . . she's ready.**

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