Sunday, January 29, 2017

*~Review: Cupid's Light by Tami Lund~*

Title: Cupid's Light
Series: Lightbearer #5
Author: Tami Lund
Release Date: September 5, 2016

πŸ“– Review πŸ“–

5 Stars

I'm a huge fan of this series and this one is my favorite in the series. I was hooked right from the beginning. I loved Adora. I had this beautiful picture of her my head. One my favorite things about her is her wings. I really liked her personality. One of my favorite parts in the book were her interactions with Matt. I laughed a lot with those two. I thought this book was beautifully done and I just loved the way it ended couldn't have been more perfect. If you haven't read this series you're so missing out! 

πŸ“– Blurb πŸ“–

Meet Adora Adone, a hapless Cupid with a lousy track record. She's been given one last chance: find shifter Matt Tigre a mate or lose her wings. Should be easy enough. Shifters are some of the easiest species to mate with one another.

Except Matt doesn't want a mate. He's been burned in the past, and he's not interested in a future with another shifter. Now the Cupid, on the other hand... When she said she was there to find him a mate, she should have been more specific.

Get ready to fall in love with Cupid's Light, the fifth installment in the Lightbearer series by Tami Lund.

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