Saturday, January 28, 2017

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A Life of Honor
By Heather Long

My heroine Hoshi Sato is from a stern family, raised in strict adherence to tradition and family values. Most of all, she was raised to only bring honor to her family—through her words, her choices, and her deeds. While she might not have always agreed with her parents, she did her best to adhere to their standards. The last thing her family expected for her was to enter a national talent contest played out before the masses on television.

While she hasn’t learned how to give back yet, she is a young woman who is maturing under a harsh spotlight and learning that even fame comes at a cost to personal freedom and privacy. She doesn’t withdraw from the challenge because she believes in honoring her commitments, and remaining true to herself in no small part because her family raised her to be an ethical, committed member of society.

Honor and ethics are important aspects of military training. Faith in your fellow servicemen and women extends beyond to military families and the whole of the military community. What one Marine, Sailor, Airman, or Soldier does reflects on the whole. What we, as individuals, do in service to our military members and their families reflects upon us.

Helping Homes for Our Troops to help our troops is not only the honorable choice, but the ethical one as well. They make a difference for families and service members who sacrificed. They give them homes that they can live in comfortably, and while this may seem a simple thing, it is important we honor those who gave so much so we can have much more.

It is my honor to be a part of a group of authors willing to help our troops. Will you join us in showing this honor to our military families?  

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