Monday, February 11, 2019

*~Review: Take Me Again by Carly Phillips~*

Title: Take Me Again
Series: The Knight Brothers #1
Author: Carly Phillips
Release Date: January 22, 2019


4 Stars
This book starts off a new series. I will be honest I had to warm up to Sebastian. He had some growing up to do. Lucky for him he had a patient woman there to inspire him along the way. This is a second chance romance. Sebastian and Ashley parted on not so pleasant terms when they were younger so they have a history.  Sebastian and Ashley have a lot of chemistry. You can see how close the Knight siblings are. I'm really intrigued for the other two Knight brothers especially Ethan. That guy already has my heartbreaking for him. 


He's used to getting what he wants... but she’s going to make him work for it.

Sebastian Knight is a closer. Be it a real estate deal or the woman of his choice, everything he wants is his for the taking.

Sexy and irresistible, a wink, a smile, or a handshake always seals the deal. 
Until everything unravels around him.

After Ashley Easton’s social climbing mother married into the Knight family, Ashley knew better than to get involved with sexy, trouble making Sebastian Knight but their attraction is undeniable, their chemistry intense, and in a moment of weakness, she turns to him, a mistake that cost her her home and her family. After she was sent away, she swore she’d never come back.

Sebastian never expected to see Ashley, the one woman he’s never been able to get over, again.

When she walks back into his life at the worst possible time, more beautiful than ever, he’s ready for a second chance. She’s sassy and sexy everything he’s ever desired. And she’s back for good. Except Ashley wants nothing to do with the playboy who broke her heart. Too bad his sex appeal makes it harder and harder to keep him at arm’s length.

Sebastian Knight might have a talent for sealing the deal but this is one game he’s going to have to work to win.


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