Tuesday, August 7, 2018

*~Review: Along Waters of Sunshine and Shadows by Ava Miles~*

Title: Along Waters of Sunshine and Shadows
Author: Ava Miles 
Release Date: July 25, 2018


4 Stars
This is the meeting I've been waiting for since finishing Letters Across an Open Sea. This story gives you the struggle of a city as WWII is happening. The emotion just rolls off the characters. I just loved Noah. He captured my heart through his letters and he kept it through this book. Noah and Anna are such a cute couple. It was beautiful to watch them get to know one another. Though it's not all sunshine and roses. They must weather another storm if they want the future they wrote to each other about. Another character I just adored was Father Shaughnessy. He knew exactly the right words to offer encouragement and comfort. That city was lucky to have him. The epilogue was the cherry on a sundae for this book. 


Fall into Ava's unforgettable stand-alone novel about a decorated hero returning from WWII and finding renewed courage for a second chance with his life...and with the woman he fell in love with through letters while executing his duty in Europe.

July 1945—Noah Weatherby returns from war to the woman he fell in love with, one letter at a time. Understanding he's been given a second chance to make something of his life, he begins to search for a greater purpose while battling memories of the horrors of war and how to live with them moving forward.

Anna Sims has been praying for Noah's safe return since she started writing him after her brother, Noah's best friend, died. He's every inch the hero she imagined, but she knows he's haunted by what he did in the war. Struggling to help him, she's faced with a greater problem: her still-grieving mother doesn't want him to be around. Noah is a reminder that her own son is never coming back.

As Noah and Anna both move forward to create a new life together, they face their deepest shadows while holding fast to the sunshine they find in each other's arms.


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