Saturday, January 13, 2018

*~Review: The Chocolate Maker by Brie Hamilton~*

Title: The Chocolate Maker
Author: Brie Hamilton
Release Date: December 21, 2017


3.5 Stars
I like single dad books plus Matt owns a chocolate shop in Ireland so reading this one was a no brainer. At times Beth was a tad on the annoying side for me, but she has many redeeming moments. I did really like Matt. It was nice this was a slow build up to their relationship. There is a event in this book that had me balling my eyes out. It really hit me in the heart. Over all I enjoyed this good book. 


Beth Condon takes a job in Ireland to get away from her cheating ex-boyfriend, pushy family, and the status-oriented Silicon Valley where she was raised. Even after a few weeks in a new environment, she can’t break her old workaholic habits until her new boss strongly suggests she takes a weekend off. Not wanting to be sent packing back to California, she does just that, taking a trip to the beautiful coastal town of Kinsale, Ireland.

Single father and widower Matthew O’Shaughnessy runs a handmade artisan chocolate shop in Kinsale and is happy with the way his life is—family, friends, an occasional no-strings-attached romp with a tourist, and no ambition to grow his business beyond what it is.

After their first encounter, caused by Matt’s dog Olly, there is undeniable attraction between the two, but will they be able to move beyond their differences to find true love?

Content Note: There is some strong language and two steamy scenes in this somewhat slow-burning romantic dramedy.


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