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*~Blog Tour: Vampire Queen~*

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Vampire Queen by Eileen Sheehan! From May 22nd-June 4th follow the hashtag #VampireQueen on Twitter for exclusive content from the book including excerpts, teasers, reviews and more.

Picking up where Book 1 "Vampire Witch" left off, Casey looks forward to settling into Verso while she enjoys being a new mother, gets accustomed to being a vampire, and continues with her magic tutoring. Unfortunately, her bliss is short lived when threat of war from the New World Order requires she assume her role as queen of Vampire Land. With the help of two vampire brothers -who are both vying for her love, Geo and Luthias, she uncovers lies, deceit, and escapes attempts on her life while she struggles to secure a legacy for her son.


“I want to kiss you,” Geo said as he moved closer, “but I won’t. I sucked in air and my heart skipped a beat in excited anticipation while almost falling out of my body from deflated disappointment all at one time. He was standing so close; I could feel what little heat his body emitted on my flesh. Vampires are like humans in so many ways. I attribute it to the fact that they started as humans and then were transmuted into vampires. Even the ones who are born vampires carry a semblance of human genetics within them. Whatever the reason, the rumor that they are cold as death is untrue. Most vampires run a body temperature of about sixty-five degrees. Since this is significantly lower than the human’s average body temperature of ninety-eight point six, they feel cold to the human’s touch. Because my body temperature was now similar to his, I could easily feel the heat from his breath as it caressed my face. “One of the advantages we’ll have, should Bartholomew managed to make it into our realm, is that his weapons won’t serve him,” he continued as if he’d never laid claim to wanting to kiss me at all. “Guns don’t work here?” I said with forced focus and calm, as well as genuine amazement. “It’s a funny thing,” he replied, “but they don’t. Gwendoline believes it’s because of the magic Verso holds. It doesn’t allow something traveling as fast as the speed of a bullet if it isn’t attached to magic.” “It sounds complicated,” I mused as I struggled to get my libido under control. “Vampires aren’t magical and those who do have a magical block, yet we’re capable of traveling as fast as the speed of a bullet.” “Have you tried it in Verso?” he asked. “Now that I think about it, the speed I’ve traveled wouldn’t equal that of a speeding bullet,” I said. “There are quite a few things that are complicated here when you compare them to the world outside our realm. In truth, most of the time I don’t have a free moment to spend contemplating it. The affairs of Verso demand a good deal of my time and attention. I tend to leave the whys and why nots about things working and not working to Gwendoline and focus on the do’s and don’ts instead.” ………………………………………….……. “I want to kiss you,” he said again as he moved even closer. Our noses were practically touching and the hair on my body was alive with electric excitement as I waited for his lips to consume mine. When they didn’t, I took matters into my own hands. Placing the palms of my hands on both sides of his head, I pulled him close until I was able to devour his lips with my own. I’d been warned that I’d feel emotions far more acutely and intensely now that I was a vampire and it would take some getting used to in order to balance things out. Other than my hormones being “off -which could have easily been attributed to giving birth so recently- I hadn’t noticed much of a difference in my emotions. However, I did notice that I could hear the tiniest of sounds as clearly as if they were amped up to maximum, I was sensitive to smells I never knew existed, and I could now see in the dark. I was also a lot stronger than before. My libido, however, hadn’t been tested; until now. I was completely out of control. Even if Geo tried to resist, I question if he could have fought me off. He may have been a one-thousand-year-old vampire, but I had the strength and power of a newbie with sexual needs that demanded satiating. One of the things I’d read and heard about vampires in the folklore while growing up was that, for the first few months after their transition, the newly made vampire possessed incredible strength that would rival the oldest of vampires. This was one tale that proved to be true. I held Geo in such a vice grip and devoured his lips with such passionate aggression that he grunted in discomfort rather than the lustful ecstasy I was experiencing. Hearing this, I eased up on my overture and lightened my grip on his face enough for him to let his own passion rise to equal mine. I knew we were breaking all of the rules set forth by my grandfather and his idea of courting, but I didn’t care. At that moment, my desire and lust far outweighed my respect and consideration for my grandfather’s wishes. I was certain I’d explode at any minute if Geo didn’t make love to me. His kisses felt hot against my flesh. They eased some of my agony over want of touch while they slowly inched down my neck with short, light caresses……………………….

About Book One, Vampire Witch:

For an up and coming witch, Casey Merker, escaping from her wicked mutant-vampire mother and even more wicked newly wedded vampire prince could never have been accomplished without the aid of two centuries old vampire brothers, Geo and Luthias. Amid the running, fighting and avoiding of the dangers and drama that arose during her escape, the brothers each declared his love for Casey. Now Casey must choose. The problem is.... she loves them both!
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About Eileen Sheehan:

Curl up with your e-reader or paperback and lose yourself in Eileen Sheehan's exciting paranormal/fantasy world of magic, time travel, vampires, shape shifters, werewolves, and more! You'll grab the edge of your seat, befriend -and maybe fall in love with- her heros and heroines and have a laugh or two as you enjoy her fast paced novels for readers of most ages.
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