Saturday, April 8, 2017

*~Review: Somewhere Only We Know by Jessie Evans~*

Title: Somewhere Only We Know
Author: Jessie Evans
Series: St. Helena Vineyard Kindle World
Release Date: April 5, 2017


4 Stars

I enjoyed this second chance love story. These two let the one get away, but thanks to a pact they're both back in St. Helena. You can instantly feel the connection and history between the two. This book has the Jessie Evans touch of humor I love. I really loved Claws the quirky cat. Cash's romantic gesture just makes a girl swoon. If you're looking for a sweet, fun read with heat that will make you feel good then look no further. 


Wanted: One fresh start. Must include LOTS of wine, and maybe, just maybe, one old flame…

The last time I was in St. Helena, I made a pact with the sexiest man alive, at least as far as twenty-two year old me was concerned. If in five years Cash Donaldson and I hadn’t met our perfect matches, we would meet on April Fool’s Day and give love a second chance.

But we were young, the promise was made in the heat of the moment, and I’m perfectly okay with Cash not showing up at our secret hideout come April 1st.

Or so I tell myself…

But when I run into my old flame on my first day back in town, I’m thrilled. So thrilled that I pounce on him like a maniac and kiss him senseless first, and realize he has completely forgotten about our bargain only after I’ve made a fool of myself.


I admit it, I forgot about the deal I made with Sadie. 

I could make excuses, but none of them would be valid. Because I meant every word of that promise five years ago, and now that I’m older and wiser I realize I never should have let her go.

Now that Sadie’s back in my sights, I’m not giving up on our second chance without a fight. I’ll show her that I still know how to make her smile, make her laugh, and make her melt every time we touch.

I’m in it to win the girl, but there’s a chance I’ll end up alone, wishing she were here with me in the place that only we know. 

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