Sunday, February 12, 2017

*~Review: Murder by Magic by Catherine Vale~*

Title: Murder by Magic
Author: Catherine Vale
Series: Dark Portal #1
Release Date: February 6, 2017

πŸ“– Review πŸ“–

4.5 Stars

I have to say this is my favorite book by Catherine Vale. The magic element had me intrigued then you add in the history between Jessica and Euros you have a winning combination in this book. I enjoyed the way both Jessica and Euros worked together to solve the crimes. Plus we see how deeply regretful Euros is about what went down between him and Jessica. I highly recommend this book you won't be disappointed. 

πŸ“– Blurb πŸ“–

As the youngest detective—and only—woman in the homicide unit, Jessica Sharpe quickly discovers that being promoted to lead Detective isn’t all that she thought it would be. When a series of gruesome murders takes place, she is the one responsible for finding the killer, before they strike again.

Crime reporter by day, and Gatekeeper to a world of magic by night, Euros Desard thinks he’s seen it all. That’s all about to change when he discovers that dark magic is behind a series of brutal murders, and that the portal between the two worlds is about to be blown wide open. 

Despite a history of bad blood and broken hearts, the two of them must come together if they stand a chance of protecting their worlds from the darkness that threatens to invade. Time is running out, and if they don’t learn to work together, not even magic will be able to save them.

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