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*~Blog Tour: Even Cowboys Get the Blues~*


Today is the blog tour for Even Cowboys Get the Blues by Amie Stuart. Check out today’s post and grab your copy today!


About Even Cowboys Get the Blues:

Tim Caldwell doesn’t do relationships… Not after his wife walked out on him and their daughter ten years before. He’s got a well earned reputation as a Casanova Cowboy who’s never met a woman he couldn’t talk into bed…until Toni duBois. Disinterest isn’t something he’s is used to. Neither is playing by someone else’s rules.   Toni duBois doesn’t do forever… After fifteen years away, Toni’s headed home to Louisiana in search of the answer she needs and the redemption she craves. She doesn’t plan on hanging around in Bluebonnet, Texas, any longer that she has to and she isn’t interested in a steamy, sexy entanglement. Regardless of how good looking said entanglement might be.   Rene Caldwell doesn’t do step-moms… Unfortunately for both them, Tim’s teenage daughter, Rene has opinions. Lots of them. And she’s feeling a certain kind of way about Toni—mostly pissed. So when she pulls out all the stops to keep Toni from getting her hooks into Tim and Toni’s dark past is revealed, no one is safe from the fallout. teaser4-lookback-nodate

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“What was that about me only wanting you because I couldn’t have you?” he asked.
“What happened to Flirty Boy?” he murmured. With a chuckle, he leaned over a bit, forcing me to look in his eyes.
“Alright, Flirty Boy, I still think the only reason you want me is because you can’t have me. And the only reason I agreed to let you take me looking for parts is because I hate always asking Kellie for rides.”
“Toni, my Creole Queen, you had better learn right now it’s going to take a lot more than my daughter to run me off. Matter of fact, I made a decision about us.”
“I made a decision about us, too.” I struggled to release myself from his arms, from his distracting scent and the feel of his warm hard body pressed against mine. It reminded me too much of the blues bar on Wednesday night. I opened my mouth, but before I could speak, he covered my lips with his, one hand gently cupping my jaw. As he sucked and nibbled, my heart and my soul waged a war.
To allow myself to be drawn in would be wrong and unfair to him, to Rene, and also to me. But more importantly, I honestly did not know if I could give him the intimacy I knew he would eventually want—in and out of bed. His patience would wear thin. I was shocked he hadn’t given up already.
The feel of his tongue against my lips snapped me back to the present and made me more aware of how dire the situation was.
“We can’t do this,” I gasped. “This can’t happen.”
“The hell it can’t.”
“At best, I’ll be here just a few months. Six if you’re really lucky, and at worst, I’ll take off as soon as my car is fixed.” No matter how bad I wanted him or what he could offer me, what he obviously wanted to offer me, my destiny lay in Louisiana with Nichole. After Kellie’s revelations the other night, I was more determined than ever to make myself as findable as possible by the time my baby girl turned eighteen. I hoped my brutal honesty would help him think twice about the choice he would make.
“Then at best, I have six months to try and convince you to stay,” he said solemnly. “And at worst, I have until your car is fixed, don’t I?”
Before I could stop him, he cupped my face in his hands and kissed me again. I gave in, cursing myself for letting my guard down, knowing I would regret it in the morning.
Hell, I already did.


About Amie Stuart:

Amie Stuart is the last of a dying breed: a Native Texan. She writes sexy, emotional contemporary romances set in small towns. In the past, she’s worked as a receptionist, a daycare office manager, delivered pizzas, and was even a hairdresser for five years–all fodder for the writing gig. That and all those Barbara Cartland romances she cut her teeth on. None of those careers can compare to her favorite job: writer. She’s a storyteller through and through, even when she’s keeping tabs on her almost-grown sons and many pets, or organizing promo and planning trips for her day job as a personal assistant. She smokes, she drinks, she writes–sometimes at the same time.

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